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010. Robert Harris - A Canadian to Remember

Biography of the artist who painted The Fathers of Confederation. Written by Miss Ruth L. Sutherland. With an introduction by Miss Elizabeth M. Gordon.

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Created Date: 01-20-2020
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Historical Language Advisory: Pg. 1, para 4: "...the wife of a newspaper publisher...", pg 3, para 2: " people from strange (to him) countries.", pg 4, para 4: "...I had more self-respect than to go about lobbying like a carpet-bagger.", pg 5, para 2: "Harris was putting more faith in the Government than it deserved.", pg 9, para 1: "There is no use reading them as they choose men who have no knowledge to write as a rule.", pg. 10, para 2: "Having been cheated out of the copyright by neglect or connivance of the Minister of Public Works...".