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Historical Language Advisory

Certain parts of the HSO pamphlet series may contain historical language and content that some may consider offensive, for example, language used to refer to racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. These items, their content and descriptions, reflect the time period in which they were created and the viewpoint of their author. The items are presented with their original text to ensure that attitudes and viewpoints are not erased from the record.

We are continuing the process of reviewing our historical documents. If you see text with inappropriate language or content that you think HSO should review, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include as many details as possible regarding the language or content which requires our attention such as the pamphlet title or the permalink to the document. And kindly indicate "document review" in the title of your email. We welcome your comments.

Title Description Download
000. Love Thou Thy Land
 692.05 KB
Founded in 1898 with the motto "Love Thou Thy Land" the Women’s Canadian Historical Society of Ottawa evolved into the Historical Society of Ottawa. Written by Miss E.M. Taylor. Download ( pdf )
001. John Burrows and Others on the Rideau Waterway
 1.35 MB
Exploring the Rideau Canal waterway from Ottawa to Kingston in 1827 as described by canal engineer John Burrows. Written by Charles Surtees. Download ( pdf )
002. Stewarton - A Suburb of Ottawa
 1.72 MB
Describes the part of Bytown/Ottawa known as Stewarton, named after William Stewart. By Mrs. John C. Burns. Download ( pdf )
003. Genesis of Our Capital
 1.19 MB
Linking the foundation of Ottawa as the capital to the last conflict between the United States and Canada. Written by Hamnett P. Hill, K.C. Download ( pdf )
004. Bytown's Own College
 2.02 MB
Early history of what was to become the University of Ottawa. Written by Edward P. Laberge. Download ( pdf )
005. Ottawa's Heritage of Theatre
 2.58 MB
An overview of various theatres along with the actors, the plays, the managers and the audiences that enjoyed them and the potential future (from the point of view of 1956) of theatre in Ottawa. Written by Roy McGregor Watt. Download ( pdf )
006. Bytown Memories: The Baynes of Bytown and Les premieres Eglises Catholique
 1.83 MB
History of the Bayne Family who lived on Fuller Street and of their various homes. Written by Marion Plunkett. / Historique des premières messes et églises catholiques jusqu'a la construction de la basilique-cathédrale Notre-Dame. Écrit par Georgette Lamoureux. Download ( pdf )
007. Profiles of Presidents of the Historical Society of Ottawa
 1.69 MB
E. Taylor Download ( pdf )
008. The Chelsea Club
 2.69 MB
C. Whitton Download ( pdf )
009. The Great Fire of Ottawa
 1.3 MB
E. St. John Download ( pdf )
010. Robert Harris - A Canadian to Remember
 6.06 MB
R. L. Sutherland Download ( pdf )
011. The House of History - Parliament's East Block
 6.41 MB
R. A. J. Phillips Download ( pdf )
012. The Rideau River Loyalists
 1.6 MB
A.F. Cooper Download ( pdf )
013. Ottawa Transportation - from Horses to Buses
 1.98 MB
D. Hendricks, P. Philpott Download ( pdf )
014. The Upper Ottawa Timber Trade
 2.3 MB
F. Hirsch Download ( pdf )
015. Wilfred Campbell - Ottawa Poet
 1.98 MB
R. McKenzie Download ( pdf )
016. Before and After Colonel By
 2.14 MB
H. P. Hill Download ( pdf )
017. Dr. Edward Van Cortlandt - Surgeon
 2.44 MB
M. E. Moffatt Download ( pdf )
018. The Bytown Election of 1841
 2.15 MB
H. P. Hill Download ( pdf )
019. Eva Gauthier - Mezzo Soprano
 1.64 MB
H. H. Sills Download ( pdf )

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