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Historical Language Advisory

Certain parts of the HSO pamphlet series may contain historical language and content that some may consider offensive, for example, language used to refer to racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. These items, their content and descriptions, reflect the time period in which they were created and the viewpoint of their author. The items are presented with their original text to ensure that attitudes and viewpoints are not erased from the record.

We are continuing the process of reviewing our historical documents. If you see text with inappropriate language or content that you think HSO should review, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include as many details as possible regarding the language or content which requires our attention such as the pamphlet title or the permalink to the document. And kindly indicate "document review" in the title of your email. We welcome your comments.

 Select a pamphlet title from the list to view the contents online and/or download a copy and see any additional associated information.

Title Description Download
064. The Last Days of Archibald Lampman
 777.46 KB
Steven Artelle Download ( pdf )
063. The Influenza Epidemic of 1918 in Ottawa
 878.39 KB
J. Bacic Download ( pdf )
062. Ottawa's Military History
 553.13 KB
Col. Strome Galloway Download ( pdf )
061. Earnscliffe
 833.69 KB
Lady Veronica Goodenough Download ( pdf )
060. Ninety-four Years of the Ottawa Journal
 751.96 KB
Matt Snyder Download ( pdf )
059. Volunteering at the Bytown Museum 1970-1991
 1011.37 KB
P. Moffatt Download ( pdf )
058. Titanic Disaster Claims Canadian Railway Legend - Charles Melville Hays
 767.25 KB
G. Murphy Download ( pdf )
057. Being Poor in Ottawa in the Winter of 1891
 865.09 KB
J. McCrostie Download ( pdf )
056. Richard Thompson, The Queen's Scarf & the Chelsea Cemetery
 657.72 KB
R. Phillips Download ( pdf )
055. Bradish Billings - An Early Ottawa Entrepreneur
 956.24 KB
K. Kitchen, L. Messier, J. Sadler Download ( pdf )
054. James Ferguson - A Bytown Pioneer
 927.43 KB
D. Grierson-Hope Download ( pdf )
053. St. Alban's Parish
 797.92 KB
T. Bedford-Jones Download ( pdf )
052. Hintonburg - Working Class Suburb
 719.45 KB
C. Newall Download ( pdf )
051. Amy Carr & Lady Taschereau
 867.86 KB
J. Hargreaves Download ( pdf )
050. Aylmer's British Hotel
 613.31 KB
R. Begin Download ( pdf )
049. Rushing Forth - Ottawa Council of Women 1894 - 1904
 940.68 KB
L. Jeffs Download ( pdf )
048. Pioneer Trips to Some Ottawa Valley Stopping Places
 525.67 KB
Exploration of the history of inns and taverns around the Ottawa Valley in the early 1800s. Written by Brian O’Regan. Download ( pdf )
047. The Cockburn Pointer Boat
 536.04 KB
L. Shaw Download ( pdf )
046. The Dey Brothers' Rinks - Home to The Senators
 1.23 MB
 History of the three "Dey's Rinks" in Ottawa between 1884 and 1927. Written by Paul Kitchen. Download ( pdf )
045. The Transition of Bytown to Ottawa
 1.9 MB
This pamphlet is broken down by year and explores different important events in the city's history including the transition from Bytown to Ottawa. Also discusses general attitudes towards disease around this time. Written by William Pittman Lett, the City Clerk from 1855-1891. Download ( pdf )