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005. Ottawa's Heritage of Theatre

Mrs. Roy McGregor Wattt presented this talk to The Historical Society of Ottawa at a meeting in January, 1956. It is preserved in the Society's transactions. It is introduced and edited by Mrs. Knox Thomson. Republished January 2006.

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Historical Language Advisory: Cover and inside cover: "Mrs. Roy McGregor Watt", cover "Mrs. Knox Thomson", pg 1, para 2: "Engineers are generally associated with serious facts, but now we know, there is a streak of make-believe in their makeup. They don't admit it, but history reveals it.", pg 3, para 4: "...he was successful in wooing and marrying Mary Ann in 1853, and we are sure they lived happily ever after.", pg 5, para 4: ""You never get children smart enough in England to do it" Score, even.", pg 7, para 3: "...requested that no fee be given to any attendant in this theatre.", pg 8, para 4: "...and the fine lady with the bustle standing in front.", pg 8, para 5: "Mrs. Harvey Bate", pg 9, para 2: "...young watchers were good-naturedly nicknamed "The Russell rubber plants."", pg 10, para 1 "Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Mrs. Leslie Carter, Margaret Anglin - a native Ottawan", pg 12 para 3:"...a graveyard underneath the church...What more could one ask for - unless, perhaps, a ghost?", pg 12, para 6: "...Dorothy (Mrs. Louis T.).", pg 14, para 2: "Mr. Beaufort not only won the festival and Earl Grey trophy, but won the girl and married the leading lady...", pg 14, para 6: "...Major and Mrs. Norman Loring...", pg 15, para 3: "...well-meant bumbling institutions in their home communities.", pg 16, para 1: "Most countries of our western civilization regard their institutions of live theatre as a heritage precious enough to preserve."