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008. The Chelsea Club

Originally an address delivered by Dr. Whitton at the Anniversary Luncheon, May 3rd, 1968. Erroneously mentioned on the front page as being written in 1975 to commemorate the Golden Anniversary of the Club. Introduction by Lt. Col. D.J.Leach and foreword by Eileen Mitchell Thomas.

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Historical Language Advisory: Several comments relating to clubs which limited membership by sex. Many names are written with only the names of the male spouse (e.g. Mrs. D'Arcy McGee), pg 1 of Foreword, para 4 mentions an appended list of affiliates which is missing, pg 2, para 1: "...historic "arch-riots" between the Irish and the Orange factions...", pg 3, para 4: "Post-master-General", pg 4, para 5: "There was nothing to stimulate culture among presumable uncultivated Canadians.", pg. 5, para 4: "...see its young men leave for the far-off battle...", pg 6, para 3: "...see men who it go away to fight a war...", pg 7, para 1: " the Irish say of their controversies...", pg 10, para 3: " sounded too much like a "wigwam of the river tribe of the Outaouais.", pg 10, para 3: "One of the Irish backers - I think Mrs. D'Arcy McGee - would have none of the "the Tudors" - (forgettting Mary) - she said that had killed too many of her forebears.", pg 10, para 4: "...with fine literary and historic traditions in our English language.", pg 10, para 4: "...Mrs. Kennedy raised "Cain" and said "everyone knew who and what the Chelsea Road 'ladies' had been...", pg 12 para 3: " Ottawa Neighbourhood Services yet to accept "cast-offs"., pg 13, para 4: "Working and scrapping like a Federal Cabinet, (though that Board of Directors was inexpressibly more effective on the whole than the Cabinet)", pg 15, para 3: "...continuing disentegration of our Western civilization..."