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Historical Language Advisory

Certain parts of the HSO pamphlet series may contain historical language and content that some may consider offensive, for example, language used to refer to racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. These items, their content and descriptions, reflect the time period in which they were created and the viewpoint of their author. The items are presented with their original text to ensure that attitudes and viewpoints are not erased from the record.

We are continuing the process of reviewing our historical documents. If you see text with inappropriate language or content that you think HSO should review, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include as many details as possible regarding the language or content which requires our attention such as the pamphlet title or the permalink to the document. And kindly indicate "document review" in the title of your email. We welcome your comments.

Title Description Download
035. Some Notes of Bytown and the Fur Trade
 707.63 KB
M. Newton Download ( pdf )
034. Records of the Rise and Progress of the City of Ottawa
 774.68 KB
G. V. Cortland Download ( pdf )
033. J. R. Booth - Ottawa Valley Lumber Baron
 447.83 KB
S. C. Bateman Download ( pdf )
032. The Last Days of Bytown
 549.4 KB
A. F. Dewar Download ( pdf )
031. The Resolute Frontiersman
 599.88 KB
M. R. Redcliffe Download ( pdf )
030. Philemon Wright - A Yankee Who Helped Build Canada
 624.01 KB
E. P. Laberge Download ( pdf )
029. The Provincial Election of 1848
 480.25 KB
F. Hirsch Download ( pdf )
028. The May Court Dispensary & Related Institutions
 533.8 KB
G. J. L. Davies Download ( pdf )
027. Elizabeth Bruyere's Great Legacy
 486.8 KB
V. Campbell Download ( pdf )
026. Ottawa - The History of Pediatric Health Care
 1.1 MB
D. J. Conway Download ( pdf )
025. Nicol Hugh Baird 1796 - 1849
 2.83 MB
D. Braid Download ( pdf )
024. The Rev. Dr. Thomas Wardrope 1819
 2.01 MB
M. E. Moffatt Download ( pdf )
023. Doctor Thomas Porter
 1.48 MB
E. Taylor Download ( pdf )
022. The Uptons of Groveland 1826
 2.06 MB
M. E. Moffatt Download ( pdf )
021. Artistic Legacies of John & Thomas Burrows
 1.52 MB
E. P. Laberge Download ( pdf )
020. Bytown Museum Treasures
 1.88 MB
V. Campbell Download ( pdf )
019. Eva Gauthier - Mezzo Soprano
 1.64 MB
H. H. Sills Download ( pdf )
018. The Bytown Election of 1841
 2.15 MB
H. P. Hill Download ( pdf )
017. Dr. Edward Van Cortlandt - Surgeon
 2.44 MB
M. E. Moffatt Download ( pdf )
016. Before and After Colonel By
 2.14 MB
H. P. Hill Download ( pdf )

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