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Historical Language Advisory

Certain parts of the HSO pamphlet series may contain historical language and content that some may consider offensive, for example, language used to refer to racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. These items, their content and descriptions, reflect the time period in which they were created and the viewpoint of their author. The items are presented with their original text to ensure that attitudes and viewpoints are not erased from the record.

We are continuing the process of reviewing our historical documents. If you see text with inappropriate language or content that you think HSO should review, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include as many details as possible regarding the language or content which requires our attention such as the pamphlet title or the permalink to the document. And kindly indicate "document review" in the title of your email. We welcome your comments.

Title Description Download
117. Past, Present, Future: The Preservation and Adaptation of Ottawa’s Built Heritage
 1.12 MB
Comprising the thoughts of three fierce champions of built heritage conservation in Ottawa—architect Barry Padolsky, developer Sandy Smallwood, and heritage advocate David Flemming. Based on interviews conducted by HSO and illustrated with examples of their projects over the last 50 years. Written by Ben Weiss and Nivethini Jekku Einkaran. Download ( pdf )
116. Poetry of the Chaudière
 1.05 MB
A compilation of poetry written between 1856 and 2019, inspired by the Ottawa River’s Chaudière Falls in the heart of the National Capital Region; with contemporary commentaries on the individual poems by Bryan D. Cook. Download ( pdf )
115. Lord Elgin’s Visit to Bytown And the Reminiscences of Mary Anne By Friel
 1.09 MB
Mary Friel’s 1901 account of Governor General Lord Elgin’s visit to Bytown in 1853, with historical context on Elgin’s role in introducing responsible government, written by James Powell. Download ( pdf )
114. Ottawa Mobilized - A Geographic Record of the City in Wartime
 1016.9 KB
Detailed historical descriptions of the extensive real estate constructed for and occupied by the military units established in Ottawa over the last 200 years, written by Richard Collins. Download ( pdf )
113. Prize Money: Spanish Silver & the RIdeau Canal
 1.13 MB
Alastair Sweeny Download ( pdf )
112. Genteel Woman in Need: Maud Lampman, First Woman Appointed to Work on Parliament Hill
 1.51 MB
Dianne Brydon Download ( pdf )
111. The Store – A Personal History of Larocque’s
 1.07 MB
Robert Vineberg Download ( pdf )
110. The Ottawa Canoe Club 1883–1913
 1.31 MB
Alan B. McCullough Download ( pdf )
109. Ottawa's Historic Vineyards
 1.2 MB
James Powell and Karen Lynn Ouellette Download ( pdf )
108. Mayor John Scott’s Portrait, Its Conservation and Continuing Mystery
 835.63 KB
James Powell Download ( pdf )
107. Ottawa River Settlements in 1833 as described by Dr. Alexander J. Christie
 2.84 MB
George A. Neville and Iris M. Neville Download ( pdf )
106. Protests and Affordable Housing Policy Delayed: Urban Renewal and the Demolition of LeBreton Flats
 117.23 KB
By Katherine Van der Veen (available only in print). Download ( pdf )
105. When Ottawa Welcomed the Empire through a Yorkshireman's Lens
 117.23 KB
By James Powell & Bryan D. Cook (available only in print). Download ( pdf )
104. Our "Capitol" Wrens
 117.23 KB
By Doris Grierson Hope (available only in print). Download ( pdf )
103. Loyalist Land Grants Along the Grand (Ottawa) River, 1788
 117.23 KB
By George A. Neville (available only in print). Download ( pdf )
102. Martin O'Gara, Ottawa's First Irish Catholic Police Magistrate, 1863-1899
 117.23 KB
By Elizabeth V. Krug (only available in print). Download ( pdf )
101. Controversy, Compromise and Celebration: The History of Canada's National Flag
 117.23 KB
By Glenn Wright (this book is only available in print) Download ( pdf )
100. Canada's Bletchley Park: The Examination Unit in Ottawa's Sandy Hill, 1941-1945
 117.23 KB
By Diana Pepall (available only in print). Download ( pdf )
099. A Mayor's Life: John Scott, First Mayor of Bytown (1824-1857)
 117.23 KB
By Tyler Owens (available only in print). Download ( pdf )
098. From Steamboats to the NHL: The Ottawa Valley's Cowley Family
 117.23 KB
By Christine F. Jackson (only available in print). Download ( pdf )

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