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76 Peter G. Anderson Ottawa School Gardens In The Early 1900's N
77 Michael Gagne Our Open Spaces Link Us Together: Greenspace and Community Identity in Alta Vista, 1950-2005 Y
78 Timothy Osborne Bellwood Mobile Home Park Y
79 Don Carrington Windfall: the Badge Story Y
80 Lillian Scott Desbarats Recollections Book 1- Elizabeth Residence and Laurier House Y
81 Lillian Scott Desbarats Recollections Book 2 - Chapel Court, Union Mission, T. D. McGee Y
82 Lillian Scott Desbarats Recollections Book 3 - Irish Settlers, Earnscliffe, Sir Richard Scott Y
83 Clifford Scott Robert Bell, A Man For All Seasons Y
84 Lillian Scott Desbarats Recollections Book 4, Some Old Houses in Sandy Hill Y
85 Ed Bebee The James Sutton Elliott Story: Turmoil and Tragedy Y
86 Robert Serré Early History of Ottawa's Sandy Hill N
87 Kurt Johnson Some 1812 Richmond Soldiers/Settlers Y
88 Dave Mullington To Be Continued...A short history of the Historical Society of Ottawa (book) Y
89 Salvatore Pantalone Growing up in « La Colonia » Y
90 George Chapman Remember: England, France, Belgium (1914-18) N
91 Ian Browness and Cynthia Coristine The Bate Brothers of Ottawa, Booklet 1: The Brothers' Circuitous Path to Bytown Y
92 Ian Browness and Cynthia Coristine The Bate Brothers of Ottawa, Booklet 2: Charles "C.T." Bate: Merchant, Mayor & More Y
93 Ian Browness and Cynthia Coristine The Bate Brothers of Ottawa, Booklet 3: Sir Henry Newell Bate & Family: A Civic Legacy N
94 Frances M. Slaney The Canadian Museum of Civilization: A brief history from its 19th century origins to its recent demise Y
95 Mary MacGregor From Garden Suburb to Garbage Dump: Thomas Adams' Forgotten Plan for Old Ottawa South Y
96 Doris Grierson Hope Griersons of Torbolton Y
97 M. Moore The Politics of Commemoration & The Failure of the Davin Memorial Project Y
98 Christine F. Jackson From Steamboats to the NHL: The Ottawa Valley's Cowley Family Y
99 Tyler Owens A Mayor's Life: John Scott, First Mayor of Bytown (1824-1857) Y
100 Diana Pepall Canada's Bletchley Park: The Examination Unit in Ottawa's Sandy Hill, 1941-1945 Y
101 Glenn Wright Controversy, Compromise and Celebration: The History of Canada's National Flag Y
102 Elizabeth V. Krug Martin O'Gara, Ottawa's First Irish Catholic Police Magistrate, 1863-1899 Y
103 George A. Neville Loyalist Land Grants Along the Grand (Ottawa) River, 1788 Y
104 Doris Grierson Hope Our "Capitol" Wrens Y
105 James Powell & Bryan D. Cook When Ottawa Welcomed the Empire through a Yorkshireman's Lens Y
106 Katherine Van der Veen Protests and Affordable Housing Policy Delayed: Urban Renewal and the Demolition of LeBreton Flats N
107 George A. Neville and Iris M. Neville Ottawa River Settlements in 1833 as described by Dr. Alexander J. Christie Y
108 James Powell Mayor John Scott's Portrait, Its Conservation and Continuing Mystery Y
109 James Powell and Karen Lynn Ouellette Ottawa's Historic Vineyards N

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